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Business Consulting

Meeting Planning and Facilitation

Successful meetings depend on preparation and facilitation. Let us help you maximize the benefit of your meeting time. We can provide you with guidance from developing the agenda and basic facilitation skills to following up on action items. We also offer full meeting planning and on-site meeting facilitation services.

Business Process Management via Statistical Control - KetchProcess Visualization

Process mapping can help with system changes and improvements. Often, businesses don’t find out about critical business paths or hand-offs until after they have made changes. Those miss queues end up as the cause of customer dissatisfaction. Most of these issues can be avoided by simply understanding exactly how a process works before implementing a change. By seeing the process as it is and drawing a comparison to the proposed changes, companies can avoid costly oversights.

We can offer basic process mapping through to gap analysis and process modeling. We can identify areas of risk before planned changes and help you minimize the cost of change.

Process Alignment

In many organizations, there is a difference in information level between the sales cycle and implementation. Customers and suppliers believe they are communicating their needs and limitations to each other. However, they often use the same words with different understandings.

We offer fully facilitated “Alignment” sessions to bring customers and suppliers together to foster effective long-lasting partnerships.

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