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Welcome to Ketch Consulting, experts in Six Sigma Green Belt training, Six Sigma Black Belt training, Six Sigma consulting and sales training. We provide customer focussed Six Sigma training, consulting and sales training solutions to clients across Canada and the USA.

6 Sigma Sales Consulting  and Training - Ketch ConsultingYou, like many other companies, are probably tasked with tackling two primary business issues; decreasing costs and increasing revenues.  While these two challenges are often seen as distinctly different, oftentimes they go hand in hand.  It is far too common to improve performance in one area at the expense of the other.  Furthermore, those improvements often only target the short term.  If you are looking for long-term improvement and business viability, you have come to the right place.  We have assisted our clients in the application of business improvements that make sound business sense over the long term. 

Ketch Consulting employs the Six Sigma methodology to both decrease costs and increase revenues.  You receive an approach to the Six Sigma improvement methodology that integrates best practices and the best people to drive business process improvements. We assist our customers with consulting solutions provided by certified experienced Black Belts trained in the methodology, tools and application of Six Sigma.

Remember, using any methodology to solve a business issue does not necessarily entail a company-wide roll out.  We can help you solve an isolated business problem or provide support for an enterprise level continuous improvement initiative.  It's your business and it's your choice. 

Depending on your needs we can offer stand-alone business consulting like meeting planning and facilitation, process visualization, improvement and alignment. Of course we can also offer sales training and Six Sigma training too.  All of our trainers are certified professionals with hands-on experience who bring real-life experience into the learning environment.

We also offer a comprehensive program: Six Sigma Sales. More than simply giving salespeople Six Sigma training, we integrate the methodology into the sales department to target improvements exactly where they are needed. In addition, we couple required sales force improvements with an extended mentoring relationship, which ensures long-term success. 

Ultimately, Ketch Consulting wants to provide our customers with the best consulting and/or training experience possible. We want your business again and that's why we won't stop until we get it right.



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