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Strategic Sales Training for Territory ManagementKetch Consulting is proud to be licensed to deliver CDI Education’s Building Strategic Partnerships sales training. The Building Strategic Partnerships program provides the advanced concepts, tools and skills to move sales professionals from product vendors, to service providers, to strategic partners – to work more effectively with their customers to achieve results.

The Global economy, increased competition, sophisticated and knowledgeable customers have changed the role of the sales professional. A ‘given’ is that the sales professional possesses an in-depth knowledge of the features and benefits of their products and services. A ‘must’ for sales professionals is that they have an in-depth knowledge of the customer’s business needs and how to create a strategic advantage for the customer that will provides a sustainable, mutually satisfying relationship over time.

Building Strategic Partnerships sales training provides territory, account and buyer analysis approaches along with associated tools to help the sales professional create better relationships.  Furthermore, sales people will learn where and with whom to spend their time and effort for maximum returns.  In addition, we help your sales professionals find the key differentiators from competing products and/or services.  Ultimately, your sales force will venture forth better informed and better prepared to earn the customer's trust and their business.

The Benefits:


  • Territory analysis that provides an accurate assessment of relative account value
  • Competitive analysis that targets where and how to focus energies an skills
  • Account reviews that pinpoint key drivers and business needs, and help identify value propositions
  • Spotlighting of profitable customer-revenue opportunities
  • Identification of opportunities for leveraging strategic selling and managing time more effectively


  • Sales strategies and objectives aligned to customer value and business strategy/objectives
  • Customer base segmented on value, not just account size
  • Disciplined, consistent approach for working with high-value customers
  • Identification and leverage of the organization’s competitive strengths
  • Higher productivity and results from sales force

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