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Six Sigma Consulting, Quality Process Tools - by KetchSix Sigma is a business improvement methodology that is used today in leading corporations around the world. There are small variations in the application across companies. However, the approach is basically the same. Six Sigma experts (Black Belts) assemble project teams populated with subject matter experts around a business area or issue. The Black Belt then guides the team through the Six Sigma methodology, commonly referred to via acronyms such as DMAIC, DFSS or DMADV to uncover the root cause. Once the root cause has been identified and confirmed statistically, the Black Belt again guides the team through identifying, selecting and implementing possible improvements.

There are a few things that set Six Sigma apart from other improvement approaches. First, through the use of the methodology, improvement efforts are aimed at the true root cause of the business issue, which means it is effective. Second, the Six Sigma methodology helps employees to make sound business decisions through the application of a reliable framework for business improvement, which enhances company culture. Third, after improvements are implemented, the methodology ensures that the process is monitored and the improvement is sustained.

Our expertise is in guiding teams and companies through the Six Sigma methodology. We use the business experience that you already have to generate the best possible solutions to the issues you have identified. By applying the Six Sigma improvement methodology, employees generate solutions to their own business issues. This makes Six Sigma both a powerful tool to improve your business and a way to involve the people who do the work on a daily basis in decision-making. Our guidance has two powerful effects. First, your business issue is eliminated. Second, your employees gain empowerment--a key factor in job satisfaction and commitment.

Our consultants are certified Six Sigma Black Belts. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to help teams and corporations do business better. Let Ketch Consulting help you drive results.

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