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Six Sigma Sales optimization is a smarter way to manage the sales process and sales effort. By infusing Six Sigma strategies into the sales process there is more focus on facts and data to drive better sales performance.

Six Sigma Sales Process Improvement- Ketch ConsultingThere are some good reasons why the sales department always seems to be the last portion of a company to get-on-board with Six Sigma. Sales people generally would rather be selling than attending another training session or leading a project. When they do run a project, it is often on an issue that does not truly affect their sales effort. In other words, sales people don’t get sold on Six Sigma because they never get to appreciate its value within the sales context.

Six Sigma Sales is an approach that specifically targets selling the methodology to salespeople. Our efforts are based on a straightforward approach. We utilize the Six Sigma methodology to target the real business issues affecting your sales performance. Those business issues usually fall into the following groups:

Improving the sales process.

  • When the root cause lies within the process, our sales and process experts work together with your organization to optimize the process.

Enhancing the skill set of the sales force.

  • When training is warranted, we provide a fun filled training environment. In our Six Sigma Sales training sessions, we utilize exclusively sales examples and sales case studies and our sales skills training is first-rate.

Managing sales productivity.

  • When good sales people don’t automatically become good sales managers, we can provide the right training, mentoring and knowledge to improve productivity.

Customer and sales rep retention.

  • Finding both customers and sales people takes considerable time and effort, you may be letting them leave more often than is necessary, learning how to improve customer and sales force retention can drive substantial amounts of revenue.

Targeted service and product offerings.

  • Sometimes all of the components are in place but companies and their products/services are not properly positioned in the marketplace, we can help you target your value proposition more effectively.

When Six Sigma Sales is utilized to improve your sales force, your improvement efforts will be focused on the issues that generate the maximum return. We can help guide you through the process with our Six Sigma Sales specialists. In addition, we’ll follow our involvement with 100 days of mentoring. You’ll get the improvements, guidance and follow-through that your sales force needs.

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