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Six Sigma Education Programs and Curriculum - by KetchWe offer the best Six Sigma training experience that money can buy, bar none.  Our professional trainers blend hands-on Six Sigma experience with real world examples and applications.  We bring the material to life so your learners understand how to apply the Six Sigma methodology immediately after training.  More importantly, they understand when and why they need to follow the methodology and use the tools. 

One of the most important steps on any continuous improvement path is filling your employees with the enthusiasm to embrace change and the appropriate knowledge to initiate it. Choosing the right training partner will make all the difference. 

Six Sigma training can be intensive. Teaching your associates the tools and methodology is only part of the picture. We pride ourselves in instilling excitement into the curriculum, and why not? The skills learned in the application of Six Sigma transfer across all facets of business and into our personal lives.  (See an example.)  Further, Six Sigma is an empowerment approach for employees. Six Sigma practitioners change their workplace for the better every day!

An experienced Certified Six Sigma Trainer leads all of our Six Sigma training sessions, so you can be sure of quality instruction. Furthermore, our trainers are also Certified Black Belts. This means that our learners benefit from hands-on experience in addition to the standard curriculum.

We use proven world class training materials from Oriel Inc. As one of the pioneering forces in Six Sigma, their training materials are now and have always been on the leading edge. We are currently licensed to provide the following courses:

  • Champion Training (4 days)
  • Green Belt Training (5-10 days)
  • Black Belt Training (4 weeks)

We also provide Six Sigma training, across Canada and the USA, to Global Fortune 500 companies using their own proprietary training. Amazingly, our instructors’ mean ratings are higher than their own in house trainers’ on their own material! We can do a better job of training your associates with your own materials as well.

Our current training Sigma, ZST=5.48!
(Based on all training feedback questionnaires received to date for Six Sigma Training, rating overall instructor effectiveness on a scale of 1-5 where 1=Poor, 5=Excellent, with a score of 3=Average a defect)

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